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Hi, I'm Chris Voigt, and I ate 20 Potatoes a day, for 60 days straight!
Yes, that's right, I did it!
I shared my 'first meal' ending my diet with a variety of nutritious Washington foods with about 180 of my favorite Grant County consumers. The Head Start Preschool program in Moses Lake let me come and share my meal with them at their Winter Family Festival, and other Washington commodities joined in.
Besides sleeping well and remaining full of energy during the day, I benefitted from his all-potato diet in other ways, according to my blood tests and other measurements. Check them out:
This has been an amazing experience. We have been able to correct some misinformation about potatoes, but also hear some great stories on how people really appreciate them. People love their potatoes!

The good news is we aren't done yet! Keep checking back for fun and informative contests. You never know what new wacky and zany things I will come up with next!
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Beginning weight: 197
Beginning blood glucose: 104
Beginning cholesterol: 214
Beginning triglycerides: 135

And my ending blood pressure was 112 over 70.
We enjoyed a meal consisting of shredded roast beef, donated by the Washington State Beef Commission, 120 lbs of Gala apples from Stemilt Growers, and milk provided courtesy of the Washington Dairy Products Commission. Oh, and potatoes from the Potato Commission, of course. And I guarantee no one went home hungry!
60 day weight: 176
60 day blood glucose: 94
60 day cholesterol: 147
60 day triglycerides: 75
Hi Potato Lovers,
Below is a link to our system that helps you produce and send letters supporting the use of potatoes in the WIC and school lunch programs. Letters go to Congress and USDA. Please feel free to pass it along to your potato-loving friends as well.
Click here to send your letter to Congress & USDA
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