Calories and side effects

On being asked whether he was able to meet his daily goal of 2200 calories and whether he felt hungry at any point of time during his diet, Chris responded by saying that he didn’t meet his 2200 calories per day goal during the initial 3 weeks of his potato diet. In those weeks, he only ate until the point of feeling full enough. He hadn’t known that potatoes would give him such amazing sensation of fullness. So, during those initial 3 weeks, Chris was consuming only around 1500 calories per day. By the time he was past the third week, he had already lost 12 pounds of weight and realized that it was time to make an important change in his strategy. Thereafter, he started consuming more and more potatoes despite achieving that state of fullness. So, for the rest of the 5 ½ weeks, he very diligently ate around 2200 calories of potato per day. What’s amazing is that Chris continued to undergo weight loss, however at a slightly slower pace. He lost 9 more pounds during the course of those 5 ½ weeks.

Before starting his all potato diet, Chris had used few online calorie calculators and had estimated that he would burn anywhere around 2800 calories per day. Another important factor that may have come handy in helping him undergo such continued weight loss was the excessive amount of resistant starch his body was getting through potatoes. He ate plenty of cooked potatoes which had been refrigerated. Such potatoes are known to have high starch resistance. So, Chris felt that if he were to follow the same diet plan again, he would love to experiment and find out the true effect of starch resistance on human body.

Then, coming to any unexpected side effects of following an all potato diet, the only out of the place thing that occurred to Chris was that his wife told him about the sudden stoppage in his snoring habit the day he began his all potato diet. This was quite a staggering fact considering that Chris was a habitual snorer. His snoring habit came back to haunt his wife the day he returned to normal diet! Another positive side effect that occurred was that he started avoiding all the cold viruses which used to circulate at his home and workplace. Apart from developing such resistance, his cholesterol levels also dropped significantly. Although he and his doctor had predicted a drop, they weren’t expecting it to be so significant. In fact he had been borderline high cholesterol during the decade preceding his potato diet.