Healthy potato ways

When Chris was asked if he could give people some useful insights on the healthy ways of eating French fries and potatoes, he responded by saying that potatoes are extremely rich in nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. He was going much beyond the United States Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) recommended daily intake of 13 distinct nutritional items, by strictly following his all potato diet. As he came from a science background, Chris was well aware that there was nothing like unhealthy or healthy food items, there were only unhealthy or healthy diet plans. This fact came as a great shock to many people that Chris spoke to. So, not only did he shock everyone by saying and writing this truth out loud, he ensured that he added potato chips and French fries to his all potato diet, in order to make it healthier and to prove his point.

As there are no fats in potatoes, he had no option but to add some in order to provide his body with the essential fatty acids necessary for his day-to-day functioning.

Although French fries and potatoes can be an integral part of any healthy diet plan, many of us are already receiving a good amount of, if not excessive amounts of fatty acids in our daily diet. If your diet already comprises of high amounts of essential fatty acids, you can opt for eating potatoes in such a way that you can lower your daily fat intake. Why not consider mixing other vegetables in the form of mixtures or toppings to baked or mashed potatoes? Even salsa or stir fry vegetables can be employed as excellent toppings for mashed or baked potatoes. Doing so can significantly reduce your daily fat intake, without making any compromises on the taste factor.

Baking your French fries rather than using a fryer is another excellent method of reducing your daily fat intake. If you take a look at the school lunch programs in the United States, you’d notice that majority of them have bid goodbye to their fryers and are actively using ovens for cooking their potatoes. What’s great is that kids are enjoying their meals even more!

Now, coming to the question when Chris ate his next potato after completing his 60 days potato diet, he said that his first two meals post his 60 days potato diet comprised of nothing but potatoes! He was actually saving his first non-potato meal for an important public event. He still eats potatoes on a regular basis. The only difference is that now he eats them with not just seasonings, but much more!