Many people wonder what Chris Voigt’s diet was like before he went on the 20 potatoes a day diet for 60 days! Our best guess would be that he must definitely be eating slightly more than any average US citizen, simply because his close association with the first rate produce. And that’s true too! He used to eat close to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits every day, apart from eating everything else. He would eat a good variety of food items, in fact a little bit of everything that he could lay his hands on, including food items that aren’t considered very healthy!

When people asked him about his inspiration for going on an all potato diet for 60 continuous days, he responded that he was fed up of everyone blaming potato chips, french fries and other potato-based foods for everything wrong in this world. He got up feeling too frustrated about the plight of poor potato in this world and resolved to do something substantial for changing people’s perception of this wonderful vegetable. A scene from the movie “Stand by me” came to his mind wherein some boys were camping out and were involved in a serious conversation around the campfire (very typical of young lads)! One of them asked the others what they would like to eat if they were allowed to eat only one food for the rest of their lives. The boy in the movie answers that he’d love to eat cherry flavored pez. But, Chris Voigt’s answer to that question (in his mind) was potatoes! So, the idea came to his mind that what if he committed to a diet comprising of only potatoes and showed the world the true benefits that this day to day vegetable could offer?!

People are usually unaware that potatoes are actually very easy on their digestive systems. Chris would receive plenty of emails from people suffering from acute digestive problems and who were literally surviving on a potato only diet every day. He felt that his 60 days potato diet was nothing in comparison to these people. He was receiving plenty of fiber, so matters were pretty much in control! He was essentially eating nothing but potatoes for two months, combined with some flavoring and fats. Coming to the amount of oil he was consuming, he averaged around 2 tablespoons of cooking oil per day. Olive oil was employed for roasting purposes and canola oil for frying.