Potato trivia

Potato is a highly versatile vegetable to say the least. Just imagine the number of dishes you can prepare with potatoes! There are so many delicacies that seem incomplete without it. The spud or potato is actively grown in all parts of the world and in 36 different states of USA. Furthermore, people love having it in all different forms – baked, grilled, roasted, smashed, mashed and fried.

There is much more to the humble potato than anyone might think. Let’s take you over some interesting trivia related to potatoes as follows:
- Etymologically speaking, the word potato originates from ‘Patata’ a Spanish word.
- Although there are several thousands of potato varieties you can relish, not all of them are commercially available in the marketplace. Some of the popular ones are Fingerling, Russet, Kennebec, Yukon Gold and Desiree.
- Based on the statistics of year 2010, China stood as number one producer of potatoes in the world.
- Although potatoes are counted amongst vegetables, the amount of starch (carbohydrates) contained in them makes them more like bread, pasta and rice in terms of their nutrition value.
- Even though potatoes are normally served hot, sometimes they taste very well in the cold form too, for instance as potato salad, potato chips etc.
- Potatoes can be grown relatively easily than other plants.
- Although people all over the world are actively debating the genetic modification of potatoes, scientific research has revealed that genetically modified potato varieties are capable of providing benefits like increased resistance to viruses and higher amounts of proteins.
- French fries are believed to have plenty of fats and hence must be accounted for accordingly in any diet plan.
- Potatoes are often referred to as spuds.
- Although they are believed to feature several health concerns, chips made from potatoes are the most commonly had snack in every part of the world. Billions of potato chips packets get consumed world-over every year.
- Despite the fact that they share the same names, sweet potatoes and potatoes are not too closely related to each other.
- Potatoes can be prepared and had in several different ways, including in the form of baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, French fries, mashed potatoes and hash browns.
- Potatoes are generally stored and facilities wherein temperature is kept over 39°F / 4°C to prevent the potato starch from turning into sugar. If that happens, the starch-turned-sugar can significantly alter the taste of the potatoes.
- The great famine that occurred in Ireland from 1845 to 1852 was a disease originating from potato, referred to as potato blight. Its cause was severe shortage of potatoes, causing death of as many as 1 million people who were highly dependent on the vegetable for their daily meals.