Chris Voigt had put up many videos documenting his 20 potatoes a day journey spanning over 60 days! A good number of those videos served as answers to many questions surrounding his diet and potatoes in general.

Many people asked him what kind of potatoes he would eat and how they would be prepared. To that he answered that he would eat almost every type of potato he could get his hands on. He consumed yellow fingerlings, yellow flesh russet potatoes, white flesh yellow potatoes, red fingerlings, white potatoes, white flesh with purple skin potatoes, red flesh with red skin potatoes, white flesh with red skin potatoes, yellow flesh with yellow skin potatoes, purple fingerlings, purple flesh with purple skin potatoes, white flesh russet potatoes and several other experimental potato varieties. He was well aware that anyone resorting to eating only potatoes for 60 days straight had to have as much variety of the vegetable as possible to avoid boredom setting in.

He would consume potatoes in microwaved, steamed, deep-fried, baked, boiled, roasted, fried, barbecued, mashed and more forms. He would often make potato ice cream, potatoes smoothies and potato juice to beat the everyday monotony.

90% of the times he would eat the potato skin along with its body. There are several myths surrounding the potatoes’ true value residing in their skin or their bodies. All such myths are baseless. The nutrients contained in potatoes are spread all over them. However, most of the fiber content is located on their skins.

Chris’ energy levels used to be pretty good throughout his all potato diet. He didn’t notice any significant changes during the initial stages of his diet, so he presumed that potatoes were not going to have any negative or positive impact on his energy levels. His opinion changed when he finished his all potato diet and started having regular food items. He witnessed a significant drop in his energy levels every now and then.

When he was asked that which food items he missed the most during his potato diet, he responded that he craved for juicy foods the most, for instance celery, carrots, cucumbers, apples etc. he never got around developing a taste for absolutely raw potatoes, so majority of potatoes that he had were cooked. And no matter how one cooks his/her potatoes, he/she would always achieve a soft texture. It was the crispy texture that he longed for the most!